Certificate Program

The purpose of the certificate is to encourage students, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, to obtain a minimal level of expertise in the study of spirituality and health issues. The certificate will serve to recognize students who have taken at least nine semester credit hours in coursework sponsored (or co-sponsored) by the Center for Spirituality and health. Any interested student who is registered at UF may earn the certificate; no specific major department is necessary.

The process for obtaining a certificate is as follows:

The student who wishes to obtain a Certificate in Spirituality and Health will:

  1. Take at least nine semester credit hours of lecture courses sponsored by the Center of Spirituality and Health at UF (i.e., non-lecture courses, such as Independent Study will not normally count toward this certificate credit). The student must earn at least a B in each course for the course to count toward these credit hours.
  2. Write a letter of intent, co-signed by a member of the Advisory Board, requesting the certificate. This letter must be submitted to the Associate Director for Education of the Executive Committee along with the official transcripts that document the coursework taken for credit towards earning the certificate. The letter must also include student’s full name (as s/he wishes it to appear on the certificate), current and permanent address where the certificate may be mailed, telephone number, gatorlink e-mail address. This letter must be submitted during or before the final semester the student is enrolled prior to graduation from the University of Florida.

The Associate Director for Education will:

  1. Assess the requests for certificates and verify the minimal requirements for each student.
  2. Present the list of students who earned certificates to the Executive Committee for approval.

The Center Director will:

  1. Maintain the certificates, and the records of certificates, given by the Center
  2. Sign the certificates, after approval by the Executive Committee, for the students and have the certificates delivered to the students.

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