Certificate Program

The purpose of the certificate is to encourage students, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, to obtain a minimal level of expertise in the study of spirituality and health issues. The certificate will serve to recognize students who have taken at least 9 semester credit hours in coursework sponsored (or co-sponsored) by the Center for Spirituality and Health. Any interested student who is registered at UF may earn the certificate; no specific major department is necessary.

The process for obtaining a certificate is as follows:

The student who wishes to obtain a Certificate in Spirituality and Health will:

  1. Write an email request to the Associate Director (Ana Puig anapuig@coe.ufl.edu ). The request should include the following:
  2. The course titles and grades obtained in the 9 semester credit hours of lecture courses. Note, non-lecture courses, such as Independent Study typically do not count toward the certificate. The student must earn at least a B in each course for it to count toward these credit hours.
  3. Include the student’s full name (as s/he wishes it to appear on the certificate), current and permanent address where the certificate may be mailed, telephone number and e-mail address.

The Associate Director will:

Assess the requests for certificates, verify the minimal requirements and present the list of students to the Center Director for approval.

The Center Director will:

Maintain, record and sign the certificates and have the certificates delivered to the students.

Find out more

For more information, contact 

Center Director: Dr. Lou Ritz lritz@ufl.edu

Associate Director: Dr. Ana Puig anapuig@coe.ufl.edu