Promoting the study of the human experience of faith, belief and spiritual knowledge in relation to health at the individual, community and global levels.

Our Purpose

Spirituality asks us to contemplate "the imperceptible". Science and technology deal with "the measurable". The interface between these powerful forces is of immense and immediate importance because their interaction is likely to influence how the next generations shape the future of our world.


Courses & Certificate Program

Human experience, faith and belief are discussed and examined along with the notion of rigorous scientific evidence and methods in a broadly interdisciplinary and scholarly fashion.


Host to many notable speakers

Inviting visionaries in the field of Spirituality and Health to lecture at UF for over 20 yrs.

Past UFCSH Speakers

12- WEEK COURSE JAN. 25 – APR. 25

Bringing the artistry of mindful awareness into your nursing practice.

Transpersonal Nursing as Ontological Artist

Deepen and ignite your passion for nursing through a 12-week, transformational journey of listening to your inner artist. The foundation of this course is based on Mary’s personal experiences, her book Healing with the Arts, co-authored by Michael Samuels, MD and the work of Dr. Jean Watson and her book Postmodern Nursing and Beyond. Facilitated by Mary Rockwood Lane, RN, PhD, FAAN

Transpersonal: consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.
Ontological: dealing with the nature of being.