We offer space where faith and belief as it relates to health can be discussed and examined in a broadly interdisciplinary and scholarly fashion. Our Center seeks to help create this space by promoting the process of individual and collective self-discovery.

Mindful Living Undergraduate/Graduate course elective available this fall semester… A Course on Spirituality for Everyday Life

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Mindfulness Series Through UF Mindfulness 360º Mindfulness Series… Mondays  5:30 – 6:30pm, Jan. 22 through Monday, April 22. Some sessions will be online and some will be in-person at UF Field & Fork Farm and Gardens.

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Mind-Body Practices and Spiritualities A summer CSH course that counts toward the center’s certificate program… Explore contrasting mind-body constructs and practices from Western psychological, modern spiritual, and Buddhist perspectives

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Certificate Program

Recognizes students who have taken at least 9 semester credit hours in coursework sponsored (or co-sponsored) by the Center for Spirituality and Health.

Classroom setting

Host to many notable speakers

UFCSH has hosted a great many visionaries in the field of spirituality and health,

Past UFCSH Speakers