Co-Creating Cultural Consciousness

MHS 3930/SDS 6938

For more information contact: Dr. Emi Lenes

Multicultural mistakes are common, and are also found in helping professions, where benevolent people are intending to be of service. Mindfulness practices may help with emotional intelligence, self-regulation, awareness of oneself and others, empathy, compassion, and relationship repair. The class will be experiential and interactive. Culturally diverse community role models and emerging leaders will be sharing powerful perspectives regarding the intersectionality of visible and invisible identities (e.g., race, nationality, sexual/affectional orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, spirituality, religion, age). Together, we can mindfully explore how we can be more conscious on individual and collective levels. Mindfulness can be applied personally and professionally, and can help us grow in our interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness, knowledge, skills, and advocacy.