Mind-Body Practices and Spiritualities

SDS 6938

Information and Contact: Sabine Grunwald, Ph.D.

In this course we will explore contrasting mind-body constructs and practices from Western psychological, modern spiritual, and Buddhist perspectives. We will immerse ourselves in the study of select mind-body practices, explore their theoretical underpinnings and traditional roots as well as benefits for wellbeing, health, and human flourishing. Such learning approach discovers the ‘Why’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ that undergirds mind-body practices. Mind-body meditation practices bring forth transpersonal and transbody states of consciousness and embodiment which will be discovered, observed, and studied. We will explore mind-body interactions, psycho-spiritual experiences, and potential liberative transformation paths and goals. To embody the lived experience of a particular moment through mindfulness and body awareness means to viscerally feel sensory, motor, emotional, and imaginal experiences rather than to funnel arousal into mental concepts, ideas, and categories (“chatter mind, ruminating mind”).

Evidence-based research and phenomenological qualitative research studies that have assessed the effects of mind-body practices on health, well-being, and spiritual/mystical experiences will be given special attention in form of student projects and papers. This course is highly experiential and stresses engagement and study of various mind-body practices and spiritualities.

The course is part of the UF Certificate in Spirituality and Health.

mind-body practices