Kathleen Dowling Singh

Kathleen Dowling Singh is a transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice. She has lectured widely throughout the United States on death and dying, spirituality at the end of life, and spiritual practices in the midst of life. Her audiences are diverse: spiritual practitioners, hospice staff, medical students and professionals, and ordinary people seeking greater depth and meaning in their living and in their dying.


Kathleen is the author of The Grace in Dying : How We Are Transformed Spiritually as We Die (HarperCollins, 1998). 

Title of UFCSH talk: “The Grace in Dying/The Grace in Living”
Thursday, April 21st

Dying is a transformative practice. Kathleen Dowling Singh will share her insights about  the spiritual transformations of the dying process as well as insights into what these transformations reveal about how we–all mortal beings–might live our lives more meaningfully, more peacefully, more contentedly.