Mindful Living: A Course on Spirituality for Everyday Life

MHS 3930 (section number: 2087, class number: 18135)

For more information contact: Matt Tozzi- tozzim@ufl.edu

Mindfulness has been defined as an ability to attend to the present moment without evaluation or judgment to cloud perception. Spirituality involves one’s capacity for creativity, growth, and a sense of purpose in life. Spiritual themes have been present in the field of counseling for many decades. Viktor Frankl addressed issues of meaning, the humanists (e.g., Rogers and Maslow) addressed themes of transcendence and connectedness, and Transpersonal theorists (e.g., Grof and Wilber) proposed a combination of eastern and western perspectives on spirituality. Recently, spirituality has appeared as a matter of diversity and holistic approaches to well-being. Counseling theorists, and other mental health professionals, recommend attention to the spiritual dimension in order to address whole health. In this course, we will explore spirituality and creativity in everyday life. Rather than seeking extraordinary, or peak, experiences, we will consider what it means to be mindful of the sacredness in ‘ordinary’ life events. This class has been designed to allow you to reflect upon your journey in life and the role that spirituality plays in optimal well-being.