Courses at UF

Fall 2021 Courses

Spirituality and Creativity in Healthcare

NUR 4930/6930
Information and Contact: Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane-

Mindful Living: A Course on Spirituality for Everyday Life

MHS 3930
Information and Contact: Matt Tozzi, MA, Doctoral Student – Counselor Education-

Summer C 2021 Courses

Co-Creating Cultural Consciousness

MHS 3930/SDS 6938
Information and Contact: Dr. Emi Lenes-

Courses for Medical Students

Month-long Residential Training Program for Senior Medical Students

Accredited by the UF College of Medicine and coordinated by Dr. Robert Hatch. This course is hosted at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Retreat Center (California). This course allows students the opportunity to explore their spirituality, their views of healing and healthcare, their need for creative expression, and the deep meaning of being physicians.